The Killa

Old school killer, new school thrills!
Chucky the Killa isn’t playing dolls – he’s here to dominate the meme token game. All other tokens better hide under the rug!


They believed they’d trapped him in a toy chest, but a computer was overlooked. Chucky mastered coding!
Reincarnated as a meme token, he’s ready to dominate the space.
Scammy tokens watch out: Chucky’s making waves on the blockchain!


Fuck the buy and sell tax! Enough of that bullshit! 0% / 0%

Total Supply:

40% of the total supply
burning in Hell FOREVER!

Fuck the buy and sell tax! Enough of that bullshit! 0% / 0%

40% of the total supply burning in Hell FOREVER!

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000

How to Join Our Presale

🛡️Chucky Token: Integrity Over Profit🛡️

Presale will be live on PinkSale soon.
Our mission is dead simple: redefine the meme sphere, create a successful launch, collaborating closely with trusted, upcoming and well-established meme projects, marking the debut of our unique #ScamResistantAlliance.

#MemeProjectUnited, #NoScamZoneInitiative

You’re fortunate to have arrived here early.
Kindly follow the instructions on how to join our presale coming soon.

Step 1 - Setup Your Digital Wallet

Install MetaMask (or another wallet of your preference) from the app store or Google Play. If you’re on a desktop, you can add the MetaMask extension to your Google Chrome by visiting

Step 2 - Join our Presale Coming Soon!

Ensure you have ETH in your wallet,

Stay tuned for more info regarding the presale date. 
Minimun buy: 0.05 ETH

Maximum buy: 5 ETH

Presale starting soon

Join our TG and X for more info and be aware of scammers!!! 

Step 2 - Have ETH

Ensure you have ETH in your wallet, ready to exchange for $CHUCHY. If you’re currently without any ETH, you can purchase it directly via MetaMask, transfer it from an alternative wallet, or acquire it on another exchange and then send it to your selected wallet.

Step 3 - Navigate To Uniswap

Access Uniswap by heading to using Google Chrome or through the browser within your MetaMask application. Once there, link your wallet. Input the $CHUCKY token address into Uniswap, opt for CHUCKY, and confirm. When MetaMask requests a signature, please proceed to sign.

Step 4 - Swap ETH for $CHUCKY

Proceed to swap your ETH for $CHUCKY. We impose NO fees. There’s no particular concern regarding slippage on your end, though be aware that in periods of market volatility, slippage might be required.

The Killa Plan

 🌅The End of Scam Era!🌅
Community-powered and scam-resistant. With Chucky, we’re drawing the line.
The union of Chucky the Killa and the crypto community is a scammer’s worst fear.
We’re dismantling their playground.


When Chucky wants to play, all ruggers go away!


The pace of the crypto industry is lightning-fast, so stay vigilant.
Link up with our social networks and be the front runner.

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